About Jules

About Jules

Jules is involved, open and offers quality. We understand how it feels to make a fresh start in a strange city. We were all there ourselves. That is why we are always there for you. 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. We can help you find a room, open a bank account or get insurance.

We can also assist with simpler everyday issues, such as helping answer mail from public Dutch authorities. Every year, our 30 employees help 2500 students get situated and on their way.

Promising Quality and Reliability

The accommodations Jules offers are carefully selected, as they are from trusted private owners or are in the portfolio of experienced housing agencies. They are all of good, if not excellent quality.

Once you have found suitable accommodation through us, we still will be there to help you with issues related to your stay in one of our apartments. You can always appeal to us for cleaning service or if you have any other problem that your landlord is unable to fix.

Jules is committed to being there for you as long as your contract lasts. Jules is committed to being there for you as long as your contract lasts. As far as fees are concerned, we do not charge any fees for viewings, contracts, or giving any information about a place you might be interested in.

Housing process

With the overview below we would like to give you a picture of the housing process.

  • Personal intake (if applicable and wished for)
  • Search information of suitable housing at Jules office or via email / information about housing
  • Scheduled appointments for 0-5 suitable housing options (based on candidates request)
  • Communication with landlord in case of questions, negotiation etc.
  • Contract formulation/ preparation
  • Contract explanation (and translation if needed)
  • Transition of keys
  • Inspection report of the room (to avoid questionable cases when leaving the room)
  • Help desk service during remainder of contract – e.g. in case of unforeseen incidents, complaints about landlord etc.
  • Assistance in filing for remission for city and water taxes
  • Reminder for timely cancellation of contract
  • Assistance in termination of the contract (standard letters, informing landlord, help with early termination)
  • Key transition at end of contract